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Please use the phone extensions with either main number:  (415) 457-8811 or (415) 883-2211.

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NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Lambert, Gabriel GLambert@marin.edu M1 101 7454
Langeveld, Martinus MLangeveld@marin.edu VS 1 7455
Lara, Ismael ilara@marin.edu FH 102 7314
Larre, Christelle CLarre@marin.edu MS1 201 7456
Lea, Kelsey klea@marin.edu SMN 203 7513
Lee, Emma elee9@marin.edu 7644
Lee, Paula sjlee@marin.edu AC 109 8811
Lee, Wendy WLee@marin.edu SMN 135B 8187
Lefkowitz, Carol CLefkowitz@marin.edu FA 105 7438
Lefkowitz, Sara SLefkowitz@marin.edu SMN 325 7352
Lehua, Connie CLehua@marin.edu BLDG11 2ND FL 7361
Leung, Christine cleung@marin.edu  
Levin, Magdalena MLevin@marin.edu BLDG03 261 6223
Li, Christine CLi@marin.edu BLDG27 208 7579
Lince, Stacey slince@marin.edu AC 220 7540
Linnard-Palmer, Luanne llinnardpalmer@marin.edu  
Littlejohn, Francisco flittlejohn@marin.edu MS1 201 7456
Litz, Kelley kelley.litz@marin.edu AC 119 7508
Livie, Ian ilivie@marin.edu  
Loegering, Tessa tloegering@marin.edu SMN 301 7319
Loewen, Amy aloewen@marin.edu AC 109 7644
Lombardi, David dlombardi@marin.edu  
Long, Lan-Ling LLong@marin.edu LC 108 7674
Longo, Gina GLongo@marin.edu SS 253 7417
Lopez Gutierrez, Gloria GLopezGutierrez@marin.edu AC 106 7642
Lubic, Timothy tlubic@marin.edu LC 100 7475