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Please use the phone extensions with either main number:  (415) 457-8811 or (415) 883-2211.

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NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Jackson, Kahea kjackson@marin.edu CSC 101 7468
Jacobs, Erin ecjacobs@marin.edu AC 232 7434
James, Patience PJames@marin.edu SS 254 7321
Jarrell, Boyd BJarrell@marin.edu PA 61 7687
Jessell, Lori LJessell@marin.edu BLDG27 215 8235
Johnson, Pamela pjjohnson@marin.edu PA 138 7555
Johnson, Phyllis PJohnson@marin.edu AC 106 6219
Johnson, Sarah SJohnson@marin.edu CSC 1 7325
Johnson, Tammera tjohnson@marin.edu BLDG11 100 8205
Jones, Alexander arjones@marin.edu SS 263 7670
Jones, David DJones@marin.edu PA 098 7733
Jones, Rhonda RJones@marin.edu AC 228 7618