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Please use the phone extensions with either main number:  (415) 457-8811 or (415) 883-2211.

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NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Gaffney, Keli KGaffney@marin.edu BLDG27 109 8137
Gallagher, Kaitlyn KGallagher@marin.edu LC 127 7357
Galzagorry, Jeanfelix JGalzagorry@marin.edu MS1 201 7451
Galzagorry, Marie MGalzagorry@marin.edu MS1 201 7456
Gamal, Arif AGamal@marin.edu SMN 126 7510
Gardiner, David DGardiner@marin.edu SMN 134 7302
Garretson, Patrick PGarretson@marin.edu SS 238 7469
Garrett, Steven SGarrett@marin.edu MS4 100 7442
Gera, Lisa lgera@marin.edu PE PE10 7580
Gheith, Muhammed  
Gill, Clark ccgill@marin.edu  
Gill, Elizabeth egill@marin.edu PE 030 7582
Gisle, Kirsten KGisle@marin.edu BLDG11 2ND FL 7342
Gloistein, Barbara BGloisten@marin.edu 7487
Goldberg, Georgia GGoldberg@marin.edu FA 108 7485
Goldman, Mitchell magoldman@marin.edu SMN 126 7510
Golitzin, George GGolitzin@marin.edu SMN 342 7521
Gonzalez, James JGonzalez@marin.edu BLDG27 207 8250
Gonzalez, Marco MGonzalez@marin.edu FH 204 7635
Gonzalinajec, Trevor tgonzalinajec@marin.edu  
Good, Lesley lgood5@marin.edu  
Goodale, Jayme JGoodale@marin.edu SMN 321 6266
Goodarzi, Goodarz ggoodarzi@marin.edu  
Goodwin, Ross RGoodwin@marin.edu LC 24 7497
Gorecki, Laura lgorecki@marin.edu  
Gray, Maria MGray@marin.edu PE 52 7654
Greitzer, Michelle MGreitzer@marin.edu BLDG08 137 8161
Griffin, Julie jpuccinelli@marin.edu  
Grist, Gregg ggrist@marin.edu SMN 126 7533
Gruenert, Honor hfairman1@marin.edu  
Gudmundsson, Jon JGudmundsson@marin.edu LC 82 7372
Guillen, Hugo hguillen@marin.edu LC 180 7605
Gutierrez, Derry dgutierrez5@marin.edu CSC 1 7787