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Please use the phone extensions with either main number:  (415) 457-8811 or (415) 883-2211.

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NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Abellera, Lisa labellera@marin.edu AC 218 7653
Abke, Ashley aabke@marin.edu M1 1 7451
Abouaf, Jeff JAbouaf@marin.edu BLDG27 129 0000
Acker, Eileen EAcker@marin.edu AC 304 7470
Adams, John JAdams@marin.edu VS 1 7478
Adebanjo, Felicia aadebanjo@marin.edu SMN 225 7513
Agudelo-Silva, Fernando fagudelosilva@marin.edu SMN 331 7397
Aguiar, Geoffrey gjaguiar@marin.edu  
Alameida, Marshall malameida@marin.edu SMN 301A 7326
Allen, Maula MAllen@marin.edu LC 27 7547
Anthes, Roberta RAnthes@marin.edu LC 127 7384
Antokhin, Kathleen kantokhin@marin.edu BLDG09 102 8183
Applegate, Monica mapplegate1@marin.edu BLDG21 POOL 8150
Arasnia, Sheherazade sarasnia@marin.edu SS 148 7313
Arbona, Shaila sarbona@marin.edu SS 214 7130
Ariano, Vaughan VAriano@marin.edu LC 127 7609
Arrick, Janet JArrick@marin.edu SMN 321 7510
Atkinson, Justin JAtkinson@marin.edu LC 120 7363
Aviles, Francisco FAviles@marin.edu BLDG08 136 8166