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Administration of Justice

Academic Department: Career Education
Main Office: BLDG09 103
Phone Ext: 8200
Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811  /  (415) 883-2211
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About the Program

There are excellent and increasing opportunities for men and women in all areas of the administration of justice field. Education and training is becoming more important for those who seek careers in criminal justice. This program is designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge that will prepare the student for initial employment, advancement, or transfer to a four-year college or university.

Career Options
Border Patrol Agent, California Highway Patrol, Correctional Counseling, County and State Park Ranger, Court Administration, Deputy Sheriff, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Law, Paralegal, Police Officer, State Correctional Officer

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should complete the lower division major requirements and general education pattern for the appropriate transfer institution and major. Exact major requirements for UC and CSU institutions can be found on Please see a counselor for more information as curriculum requirements may vary among transfer universities.

A.S. in Administration of Justice, Occupational (Certificate of Achievement also awarded)
An Associate in Science degree is awarded for satisfactory performance in major courses, as well as completion of general education and graduation requirements. A Certificate of Achievement in Administration of Justice is awarded for satisfactory completion of courses required for the major.
Students wishing to earn a degree or Certificate of Achievement in Administration of Justice should be aware that it might take longer than two years. However, courses are offered on a two-year cycle, and with planning, a student can complete a degree and/or Certificate of Achievement in a two-year period. Please note: Students may choose English 120, 120SL, or 150 to complete the Associate degree. Transfer students, however, are advised to complete English 150. All students should consult a counselor.

NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Boyd, Sandy FH 103 7628
Kosta, Walter P BLDG09 103 8200
Current and Future Courses

TermSection (CRN)CourseDatesDaysTimeCampusRoomInstructor
Fall 2019 82279 AJ 110 - Intro to Admin of Justice 08/19/19-12/07/19 DE Boyd, Sandy
82486 AJ 118 - Community Oriented Policing 08/19/19-12/14/19 DL Boyd, Sandy
82790 AJ 212 - Introduction to Evidence 08/19/19-12/07/19 M 06:40 PM-09:40 PM IVC BLDG27 118 Kosta, Walter
82909 AJ 215 - Introduction to Investigation 08/19/19-12/07/19 Tu 06:40 PM-09:40 PM IVC BLDG27 118 Kosta, Walter
82846 AJ 220 - Vice Narcotics/Organized Crime 08/19/19-12/07/19 W 06:40 PM-09:40 PM IVC BLDG27 116 Kosta, Walter