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Academic Department: Physical Sciences
Main Office: SMN 300
Phone Ext: 7510
Program Website:
Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811  /  (415) 883-2211
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About the Program

No profession has as many diverse specialties and applications as engineering. Few other professions offer the challenge, financial rewards, and opportunity to make a contribution to the betterment of our environment and standard of living as engineering. There are many specialties in engineering and within each area there are countless subdivisions. Our technology has grown so pervasive and complex that each facet of an engineering problem demands a specific type of training and expertise.

Career Options
Aerodynamicist, Agricultural Engineer, Ceramic Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Customer Service Representative, Designer, Drafter, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Management Analyst, Marine Engineer, Materials Scheduler, Mechanical Engineer, Metallographer, Metallurgical Engineer, Mining Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Operations Analyst, Petroleum Engineer, Production Manager, Project Director, Research Scientist, Safety Engineer, Sales Engineer, Surveyor, Systems Analyst, Technical Illustrator, Tester, Welding Technician

Department Phone: (415) 485-9510

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should complete the lower division major requirements and general education pattern for the appropriate transfer institution and major. Exact major requirements for UC and CSU institutions can be found on

A.S. in Engineering
The Kentfield Campus offers a two-year, lower division Engineering Core Program which, when satisfactorily completed, allows the student to transfer to an engineering program at the four-year college or university.
After completing the lower division engineering curriculum, it is common to complete a Bachelor’s degree in two years at the four-year school.

For information about the Engineering Program, visit the program website above.

NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Banos, Robert A SMN 126 7510
Dunmire, Erik N SMN 315 7536
Jones, Michieal L SMN 126 7510
Current and Future Courses

TermSection (CRN)CourseDatesDaysTimeCampusRoomInstructor
Fall 2019 80858 ENGG 125 - Intro Engineering Graphics 08/19/19-12/07/19 TuTh 05:40 PM-07:00 PM KTD SMN 132 Banos, Robert
80858 ENGG 125 - Intro Engineering Graphics 08/19/19-12/07/19 TuTh 07:10 PM-08:30 PM KTD SMN 132 Banos, Robert
80860 ENGG 235 - Engineering Mechanics: Statics 08/19/19-12/07/19 MW 05:40 PM-07:00 PM KTD SMN 115 Jones, Michieal
83250 ENGG 245 - Engineering Materials 08/19/19-12/07/19 TuTh 08:10 AM-09:30 AM KTD SMN 115 Dunmire, Erik
83250 ENGG 245 - Engineering Materials 08/19/19-12/07/19 TuTh 09:40 AM-11:00 AM KTD SMN 115 Dunmire, Erik