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Ethnic Studies

Academic Department: Social Sciences
Main Office: FH 101
Phone Ext: 7630
Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811  /  (415) 883-2211
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About the Program

The Ethnic Studies course offerings are intended for those who desire a deeper understanding of American minority peoples and their communities. Students will receive a unique, interdisciplinary educational experience with courses emphasizing the historical and philosophical impact of the cultures of African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, and American Indian peoples, and their contributions to the culture of the United States.

Career Options
Curriculum Developer, Education Administrator, Historian, International Affairs, Journalist, Librarian, Market Research Analyst, News Analyst, Research Specialist, Teacher, Writer

A.A. in Ethnic Studies
The Ethnic Studies Program provides transfer, general education, general interest courses, as well as an Associate in Arts degree. The Associate in Arts degree in Ethnic Studies is designed for those who desire to gain insight into the historical and philosophical impact of cultures and their contribution to the culture of the United States. Please note: Students may take English 120, 120SL, or 150 to complete the Associate degree. Transfer students, however, are advised to complete English 150. All students should consult a counselor.

Department Phone: (415) 485-9630

NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Bigeagle, Norman D FH 102 7314
Lara, Ismael  
Madril, Edwardo Fr FH 101 7610
Martinez, Danae La FH 101 7610
Turner, Walter B FH 205 7459
Current and Future Courses

TermSection (CRN)CourseDatesDaysTimeCampusRoomInstructor
Fall 2017 82490 ETST 110 - Intro to Ethnic Studies 08/21/17-12/09/17 TR 09:40-11:00 KTD AC 245 Martinez, Danae
80845 ETST 111 - Hist of African Americans (A) 08/21/17-12/09/17 MW 09:40-11:00 KTD FH 120 Turner, Walter
82203 ETST 112 - Hist of African Americans (B) 08/21/17-12/09/17 TR 08:10-09:30 KTD FH 120 Turner, Walter
80847 ETST 121 - History of Latinos in US 08/21/17-12/09/17 R 18:10-21:00 KTD AC 239 Lara, Ismael
80849 ETST 151 - Native American History 08/21/17-12/09/17 M 18:10-21:00 KTD AC 238 Madril, Edwardo
83072 ETST 156 - Native American Philosophy 08/21/17-12/09/17 T 15:10-18:00 IVC BLDG27 116 Bigeagle, Norman