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Business Office Systems

Academic Department: Business and Information Systems
Main Office: FH 101
Phone Ext: 7610
Program Website:
Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811  /  (415) 883-2211
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About the Program

The business office systems curriculum is designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed by workers in today’s automated offices. Students can acquire the training and skills necessary to enter the job market, update knowledge and skills to reenter the marketplace, or retrain in order to maintain a present position or obtain a promotion. The skills developed in this curriculum are also useful to students who wish to enrich their business and computer expertise for personal use.
Courses emphasize skill development in business office systems with specialties available in the medical and office management areas. Most courses include hands-on computer use so students learn necessary computer skills as well as the individual course material.

Career Options
Administrative Assistant, Bank Teller, Clerical Assistant, Executive Assistant, General Office Worker, Human Resources Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, Medical Office Manager, Medical Receptionist, Medical Records Clerk, Medical Scheduler, Medical Secretary, Medical Transcriber, Microcomputer User, Office Assistant, Office Manager, Payroll Assistant, Receptionist, Records Clerk, Research Assistant, Secretary, Transcribing Machine Operator, Word Processing Manager, Word Processing Operator

A.S. in Business Office Systems, Occupational
(Certificates of Achievement in Medical Specialty and Office Management Specialty are awarded. Skills Certificates in Administrative Assistant and Medical Transcriber are also awarded.) The business office systems curriculum develops knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed by workers who support information handling in today’s electronic offices.
An Associate in Science degree is awarded for completion of all requirements in the core program and chosen specialty, as well as completion of general education and graduation requirements. See catalog for more information.

Department Phone: (415) 485-9610