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Goldberg, Georgia


Main Office: FA 108
Phone Ext: 7485
Email: GGoldberg@marin.edu
Homepage: georgiajunegoldberg.com/
COM Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811
  (415) 883-2211

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Fine and Visual ArtsTemporary Faculty Instrl

Current and Future Courses
TermSection (CRN)CourseDatesDaysTimeCampusRoom
Fall 2021 81999 ARCH 110 - Beginning Architectural Design 08/21/21-12/10/21 TuTh 11:10 AM-02:00 PM OS ONLINE
82000 ARCH 111 - Intermediate Arch Design 08/21/21-12/10/21 TuTh 11:10 AM-02:00 PM OS ONLINE
81861 ARCH 120 - Intro to Visual Arch Drawing 08/21/21-12/10/21 TuTh 08:10 AM-11:00 AM OS ONLINE
81862 ARCH 121 - Intermediate Arch Drawing 08/21/21-12/10/21 TuTh 08:10 AM-11:00 AM OS ONLINE

Additional Information
EMERGENCE: Colossal Blue Installation Thrusts out of Museum Sculpture Garden onto Ward Circle, DC MAY 19, 2010 – Washington, D.C.
Emergence, a new monumental sculpture created by artist Georgia June Goldberg specifically for the American University Museum in Washington, DC, sets a benchmark for outdoor art and architecture by expanding the interpretation of sculpture in the public realm. This huge blue and white installation encompasses the entire museum’s sunken sculpture garden and juts out of it, making that hidden space visible to the thousands of passing cars and pedestrians who circulate around Ward Circle each day and night.
The installation consists of two glacial masses that rise out of the garden and gesture toward Ward Circle like metal filings lining up toward a magnet.
Emergence, 128 feet long, 80 feet wide, and 32 feet tall, is composed of irregular, rhomboids made of delicate white wood members sheathed glittering ice-blue fabric. Viewers can circulate throughout and around the piece, which is the largest single installation ever at the American University Museum. "I'd say its a big success: drama and fragility, coherence and chaos, beauty and impermanence and it holds the space,” said District artist Inga Frick. “Magical,” was the word used by museum Director Jack Rasmussen.
Georgia June Goldberg is a multimedia artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her drawings, paintings and sculptures have been shown throughout the United States and published in New American Painting, amongst other publications. She is a professor of art and architecture, and has been a fellow at several artists’ residencies in United States and abroad, where her site-specific installations have been situated. Her work can be seen at www.gegorgiajunegoldberg.com.