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Martinisi, Michele


Main Office: AC 313
Phone Ext: 7359
Email: MMartinisi@marin.edu
COM Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811
  (415) 883-2211

Organizational UnitPosition
World Languages and CulturesInstructor
World Languages and CulturesTemporary Faculty Instrl

Current and Future Courses
TermSection (CRN)CourseDatesDaysTimeCampusRoom
Fall 2021 80290 SPAN 101 - Elementary Spanish I 08/21/21-12/10/21 MW 08:40 AM-10:30 AM OS ONLINE
80302 SPAN 101 - Elementary Spanish I 08/21/21-12/10/21 TuTh 11:10 AM-01:00 PM OS ONLINE
80305 SPAN 102 - Elementary Spanish II 08/21/21-12/10/21 MW 10:40 AM-12:30 PM OS ONLINE
81819 SPAN 102 - Elementary Spanish II 08/21/21-12/10/21 TuTh 09:10 AM-11:00 AM OS ONLINE
83156 SPAN 108A - Latin/Hispanic Culture/Film 08/21/21-12/10/21 Th 06:10 PM-09:00 PM OS ONLINE

My Philosophy
Openness, acceptance and humor are essential to successfully work with students. Since students learn more when they take an active role, it is essential to provide an interactive classroom, which engages students on all levels. My goal is to strike a balance between fluency and accuracy. Although in elementary language courses it is important to have a disciplined structure in order to meet specific linguistic objectives, one should also create opportunities for students to put into practice the structures they have learned. Activities which require students to communicate the needs and desires in the target language are essential in promoting fluency. I favor a student learner-centered approach and I often encourage students to work in groups in order to make them aware of how they can learn not only from their instructor or the textbook, but also from their peers and even from themselves. Another important element in a foreign language classroom is the integration of culture, especially when students have very little opportunity to interact with native speakers outside of the academic environment. In order to achieve this, I use a variety of media in the classroom including realia, newspapers, magazines, films and slides. I have also found the Internet to be a particularly useful tool for exposing students to Italian/Spanish culture. This media approach also addresses the problem of student's learning styles, since I am able to develop and integrate activities and exercise that appeal to those who learn better with visual cues as well as to those who learn through aural ones. One of my main objectives as a foreign language instructor is that students have a positive experience interacting with the targeted language and culture which they can incorporate into their future endeavors.