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Drisdell, Lucas R


Main Office: AC 341
Phone Ext: 7363
Email: LDrisdell@marin.edu
COM Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811
  (415) 883-2211

About me
Half of my office hours will be online. I am generally available for consult in the Reading and Writing Lab Tuesdays and Thursdays, and briefly Wednesday mornings. Please email for specifics.

My Philosophy
I ask students to write about real problems that have no good answer so that they learn to invest in their writing and think critically about real problems. I hope that students learn more about the world, about how to think through complex issues and then communicate their thoughts to others. In class, we read difficult texts that need to be annotated and reread; we write about difficult issues that need to be based on texts and the real world, rethought and rewritten. I like to try new teaching techniques in class, especially ones that encourage students to take charge of their own learning process.

Additional Information
I work in the Reading and Writing Lab (PV4) for much of the week and can often be found there if I am not in class.