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SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 112 Modern Social Problems
SOC 114 Global Social Issues
SOC 130 Race and Ethnicity
SOC 140 Family/Intimate Relationships
SOC 205 Intro to Research Methods
SOC 223 Gender and Society
SOC 230 Social Psychology
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 101A Elementary Spanish I (Part A)
SPAN 101B Elementary Spanish I (Part B)
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 102A Elementary Spanish II (Part A)
SPAN 102B Elementary Spanish II (Part B)
SPAN 108A Latin/Hispanic Culture/Film
SPAN 120 Spanish Health Care Prof I
SPAN 121 Spanish Health Care Prof II
SPAN 128A Spanish Conv/Culture Film
SPAN 150A Conversational Spanish
SPAN 150B Conversational Spanish
SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish III
SPAN 204 Intermediate Spanish IV
SPAN 207 Spanish Advanced/Fluent I
SPAN 208 Spanish Advanced/Fluent II
SPAN 225 Advanced Spanish I
SPAN 226 Advanced Spanish II
SPAN 228C Adv Span Conv/Cult/Film
SPAN 230A Cult/Civ Spain & S America
SPAN 230B Cult/Civ Mexico & C America
SPAN 230C Culture/Civilization of Spain
SSC 215 Survey of Current Issues
STAT 105 Statway I
STAT 106 Statway II
STAT 115 Intro to Statistics
STSK 050 Understanding Learning Disabil
STSK 053 Basic Math Skills
STSK 054 Writing Improvement
STSK 056 How to Study in College
STSK 070 Evaluation Workshop
STSK 076 Study Techniques Workshop
STSK 077 Adapted Computer Workshop
STSK 078 Acquired Brain Injury
STSK 161 Seminar for Tutors
STSK 162 Community Action Skills Lab