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PE 070 Adapted Aquatics
PE 071 Adapted Fitness and Strength
PE 072A Adapted General Conditioning
PE 074A Adapted Yoga
PE 075 Adapted Tai Chi
PE 076 Adapted Zumba Fitness
PE 079 Awareness through Movement
PEN 070 Adapted Aquatics
PEN 072A Adapted General Conditioning
PEN 072B Adapted General Conditioning
PEN 074A Adapted Yoga
PEN 074B Adapted Yoga
PHIL 110 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 111 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 112 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 115 History of Philosophy: Ancient
PHIL 116 Hist of Philosophy: Medieval
PHIL 117 History of Philosophy
PHIL 118 Aesthetics
PHYS 108A General Physics I
PHYS 108AC General Physics I/Calc
PHYS 108B General Physics II
PHYS 108BC General Physics II/Calc
PHYS 110 Introductory Physics
PHYS 110L Conceptual Physics Lab
PHYS 207A Mechanics/Prop of Matter
PHYS 207B Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 207C Heat, Light & Sound
POLS 100 Amer Polit Institutions
POLS 101 United States Government
POLS 102 Compar Political Systems
POLS 103 Political Theory
POLS 104 International Relations
POLS 117 Middle East/Perspective
POLS 201 Understanding Globalization
POLS 203 Understanding Terrorism
POLS 210 War/Peace/United Nations
POLS 211 Women/History/Politics
POLS 212 History/Politics Modern Asia
POLS 215 Survey of Current Issues
POLS 219 U.S. Presidency
POLS 220 American Foreign Policy
PSY 110 Intro to Psychology
PSY 111 Personality Dynamics
PSY 112 Child & Adolescent Psych
PSY 114 Psych of Human Dev: Lifespan
PSY 116 Theories of Personality
PSY 118 Drugs and Psychology
PSY 130 Intro Sport Exercise Psy
PSY 140 Family/Intimate Relationships
PSY 204 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 205 Intro to Research Methods
PSY 230 Social Psychology
PSY 251 Biological Psychology
PSY 252A Service Learning
PSY 252B Service Learning