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NE 095 Success in RN Program
NE 100 Intro to Health Careers
NE 103 Open Skills Lab
NE 180 Fundamentals of Nursing
NE 180L Fundamentals of Nursing Lab
NE 181 Clinical Application Lab I
NE 182 Clinical Application Lab II
NE 185 Medical-Surgical Nursing I
NE 185L Medical Surgical I Clinical
NE 188 Pharmacology I
NE 205 Open Skills Lab
NE 280 Medical Surgical Nursing II
NE 280L Medical Surgical II Clinical
NE 281 Clinical Application Lab III
NE 283AL Maternal Child A Clinical
NE 283B Maternal Child Nursing B
NE 283BL Maternal Child B Clinical
NE 284 Mental Health Nursing
NE 284L Mental Health Clinical
NE 285 Medical Surgical Nursing III
NE 285L Medical Surgical III Clinical
NE 286 Professional Role Development
NE 286L Professional Role Clinical
NE 288A Pharmacology II
NE 288B Pharmacology III