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KIN 107 Human Biology
KIN 110A Mat Pilates
KIN 110B Mat Pilates
KIN 110C Mat Pilates
KIN 110D Mat Pilates
KIN 111A Fascia Training
KIN 112A Zumba Fitness
KIN 112B Zumba Fitness
KIN 112C Zumba Fitness
KIN 112D Zumba Fitness
KIN 113A Fitness Center
KIN 113B Fitness Center
KIN 114 Introduction to Kinesiology
KIN 116 Fitness Walking
KIN 117A Basketball
KIN 117B Basketball
KIN 117C Basketball
KIN 117D Basketball
KIN 118 Sports Nutrition
KIN 119 Teaching Group Fitness
KIN 120 Intro Sport Exercise Psy
KIN 121 Fundamentals Personal Training
KIN 124 Intro Principles of Coaching
KIN 125A Fitness
KIN 125B Fitness
KIN 125C Fitness
KIN 125D Fitness
KIN 126 Plyometric Training
KIN 127 Functional Training
KIN 128 Interval Training
KIN 129A Golf
KIN 129B Golf
KIN 129C Golf
KIN 129D Golf
KIN 131 Student-Athlete Success
KIN 132 Individual Activities
KIN 143 Intro to Sports Medicine
KIN 147 Soccer
KIN 155A Swimming
KIN 155B Swimming
KIN 155C Swimming
KIN 155D Swimming
KIN 156A Aquatic Fitness
KIN 156B Aquatic Fitness
KIN 156C Aquatic Fitness
KIN 156D Aquatic Fitness
KIN 160A Tennis
KIN 160B Tennis
KIN 160C Tennis
KIN 160D Tennis
KIN 164A Intercollegiate Sports Cond
KIN 164B Intercollegiate Sports Cond
KIN 167A Volleyball
KIN 167B Volleyball
KIN 167C Volleyball
KIN 167D Volleyball
KIN 169A Strength Training
KIN 169B Strength Training
KIN 173A Yoga
KIN 173B Yoga
KIN 173C Yoga
KIN 173D Yoga
KIN 175 Intercollegiate Baseball
KIN 176 Intercollegiate Basketball
KIN 177 Intercol Beach Volleyball
KIN 178 Off-S Interc Beach Volleyball
KIN 180 Intercollegiate Soccer
KIN 181 Intercollegiate Softball
KIN 182 Intercollegiate Volleyball
KIN 183 Intercollegiate Swim/Dive
KIN 185 Intercollegiate Track/Field
KIN 190 Off-Season Intercol Baseball
KIN 191 Off-Season Intercol Soccer
KIN 192 Off-Season Intercol Basketball
KIN 193 Off-Season Intercol Swim/Dive
KIN 194 Off-Season Intercol Volleyball
KIN 196 Softball Theory
KIN 198 Off-Season Track and Field
KIN 215 Adv First Aid/First Responder