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HED 114 Introduction to Kinesiology
HED 115 Pers Health/Nutrition/Exercise
HED 118 Sports Nutrition
HED 130 Contemporary Health
HED 140 Stress Management and Health
HED 143 Intro to Sports Medicine
HED 216A ARC Lifeguard Training
HIST 100 American History Trends/Topics
HIST 101 World History I: Traditions
HIST 102 World History II: Mod World
HIST 110 Western Civ I: to 1350
HIST 111 Western Civ II: 1350-1815
HIST 112 Western Civ III: 1800s/1900s
HIST 117 United States History I
HIST 118 United States History II
HIST 121 History of Latinos in the US
HIST 151 Native American History
HIST 211 Women/History/Politics
HIST 212 History/Politics Modern Asia
HIST 214 History of Latin America
HIST 216 History of Mexico
HIST 238 History of Africa
HOSP 100 Introduction to Hosp. Mgmt.
HOSP 110 Sanitation and Safety
HOSP 120 Hospitality and Cost Control
HOSP 130 Intro to Food/Beverage Mgmt.
HOSP 140 Intro to Hotel Management
HOSP 150 Hospitality Law
HOSP 160 Culinary Prod / Operations
HUM 100A Intro to Humanities
HUM 100B Intro to Humanities
HUM 101 The Human Condition
HUM 109A Film History: Beg to 1950
HUM 109B History of Contemporary Media
HUM 118 Intro to World Religions
HUM 125 Myth, Symbol & the Arts
HUM 242 Global Writings