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MUS 101 Intro to Classical Music
MUS 102 Music Masterworks
MUS 105 Rock, Pop and Jazz
MUS 106 Music Fundamentals
MUS 108 Introduction to World Music
MUS 109 Music in Society
MUS 111 Theory I
MUS 112 Theory II
MUS 113 Jazz Improvisation
MUS 116 Desktop Musician I
MUS 117 Desktop Musician II
MUS 121 Ear Training I
MUS 122 Ear Training II
MUS 140 Music Notation - Computer
MUS 151 Applied Music I
MUS 162 Band
MUS 163 College Chorus
MUS 164 Symphonic Wind Ensemble
MUS 167 Symphony Orchestra
MUS 168 Comm Symphonic Band
MUS 169 Marin Oratorio
MUS 170 Summer Pops Band
MUS 171 Piano I
MUS 172 Piano II
MUS 177 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 178 Strings I
MUS 179 Strings II
MUS 180 Chamber Music Ensemble
MUS 181 Voice I
MUS 182 Voice II
MUS 183 Chamber Singers
MUS 188 COM Brass Band
MUS 190 Opera Workshop
MUS 191 Mus Production: Orchestra
MUS 192 Opera Festival
MUS 193 Mus Production: Cast
MUS 211 Theory III
MUS 212 Theory IV
MUS 214 Music Composition Seminar
MUS 221 Ear Training III
MUS 222 Ear Training IV
MUS 261 Small Ensemble Techniques
MUS 262 Large Ensemble Techniques
MUS 271 Piano III
MUS 272 Piano IV
MUS 273 Piano V
MUS 274 Piano VI
MUS 278 Strings III
MUS 279 Strings IV
MUS 281 Voice III
MUS 282 Voice IV
MUS 287 Chamber Orchestra
MUS 288 Advanced Voice Workshop