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DANC 101 African American Dance History
DANC 108 Dance History: Art of Movement
DANC 109A Conditioning/Injury Prevention
DANC 109B Condition/Injury Prevention II
DANC 111A Introduction to Hip Hop
DANC 111B Beginning Hip Hop
DANC 111C Intermediate Hip Hop
DANC 111D Advanced Hip Hop
DANC 117 Dancercise
DANC 119A Begin African-Haitian Dance
DANC 119B Interm. African-Haitian Dance
DANC 121A Beginning Pop Dance Styles
DANC 121B Intermediate Pop Dance Styles
DANC 122A Introduction to Jazz Dance
DANC 122B Beginning Jazz Dance
DANC 123A Begin Intermediate Jazz Dance
DANC 123B Intermediate Jazz Dance
DANC 126A Beginning Ballet I
DANC 126B Beginning Ballet II
DANC 126C Beginning Ballet III
DANC 126D Beginning Ballet IV
DANC 128A Intermediate Ballet I
DANC 128B Intermediate Ballet II
DANC 128C Intermediate Ballet III
DANC 128D Intermediate Ballet IV
DANC 130A Beginning Contemp Modern I
DANC 130B Beginning Contemp Modern II
DANC 130C Beginning Contemp Modern III
DANC 130D Beginning Contemp Modern IV
DANC 132 Musical Theatre
DANC 133A Intermediate Contemp Modern I
DANC 133B Intermediate Contemp Modern II
DANC 133C Interm Contemporary Modern III
DANC 133D Interm Contemporary Modern IV
DANC 134 Dance Improvisation
DANC 135A Dance Composition I
DANC 135B Dance Composition II
DANC 139G Musical Production Dance
DANC 142A Beginning Tap Dance
DANC 142B Intermediate Tap Dance
DANC 160A Intro Dance Performance Skills
DANC 161A Intro Ballroom Dance
DANC 161B Intermediate Ballroom Dance
DANC 241A Dance Company A
DANC 241B Dance Company B
DANC 241C Dance Company C
DANC 241D Dance Company D
DANC 260 Musical Production - Dance