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ACRT 100 Career Math/Resumes/Customer
ACRT 101A Basic Sheet Metal Operations
ACRT 101B Basic Sheet Metal Operations
ACRT 101C Basic Sheet Metal Operations
ACRT 102A Intro to Auto Collision Repair
ACRT 102B Intro to Auto Collision Repair
ACRT 102C Intro to Auto Collision Repair
ACRT 103A Nonstructural Analysis
ACRT 103B Nonstructural Analysis
ACRT 103C Nonstructural Analysis
ACRT 104A Structural Analysis and Repair
ACRT 104B Structural Analysis and Repair
ACRT 104C Structural Analysis and Repair
ACRT 105A Advanced Structural Repair
ACRT 105B Advanced Structural Repair
ACRT 105C Advanced Structural Repair
ACRT 110A Intro to Auto Restoration
ACRT 160A Auto Paint Refinishing/Repair
ACRT 161A Dent and Damage Repair
ACRT 162A Structural Repair Workshop
ACRT 163A Mechanical/Brakes/Suspension
ACRT 164A Auto Plastic Repair Workshop
ACRT 165A Auto Electrical/Electronics
ACRT 166A Auto Restoration Workshop
ACRT 171 Dent and Damage Repair
ACRT 201A Automotive Paint
ACRT 201B Automotive Paint
ACRT 201C Automotive Paint
ACRT 202A Auto Paint Three-Stage
ACRT 202B Auto Paint Three-Stage
ACRT 202C Automotive Paint Three-Stage
ACRT 225 Automotive Careers
ACRT 279A Frame Straightening Fund
ACRT 279B Frame Straightening
ACRT 279C Frame Straightening Repair
ACRT 290A Electric/Hybrid Maintenance
AJ 110 Intro to Admin of Justice
AJ 111 Criminal Law
AJ 113 Criminal Procedures
AJ 116 Juvenile Law and Procedure
AJ 118 Community Oriented Policing
AJ 204 Crime and Delinquency
AJ 212 Introduction to Evidence
AJ 215 Introduction to Investigation
AJ 220 Vice Narcotics/Organized Crime
ANTH 101 Intro to Phys/Bio Anthropology
ANTH 101L Phys/Bio Anthropology Lab
ANTH 102 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 103 Glob/Peoples/Cultures of World
ANTH 104 Intro to Linguistic Anth
ANTH 110 Archaeology and Prehistory
ANTH 204 Native American Cultures
ANTH 205 Intro to Research Methods
ANTH 208 Magic, Folklore, and Healing
ANTH 215 Native Americans of California
ARCH 100 History of Architecture I
ARCH 101 History of Architecture II
ARCH 102 History of Architecture III
ARCH 110 Beginning Architectural Design
ARCH 111 Intermediate Arch Design
ARCH 120 Intro to Visual Arch Drawing
ARCH 121 Intermediate Arch Drawing
ARCH 130 Intro Arch and Envir Design
ARCH 140 Digital Modeling for Arch
ARCH 141 Computer Drawing for Arch/Cons
ARCH 142 Intermediate Digital Projects
ART 101 Western Art: Ancient - Mediev
ART 102 Western Art: Medieval - 19th
ART 103 Western Art: 19th & 20th
ART 104 History of Asian Art
ART 105 Contemporary Art
ART 106 Women/Gender/Art/History
ART 107 Art of U.S.: Diverse History
ART 108 Arts of the Americas
ART 110 History of Islamic Art
ART 111 History of Art: Global
ART 112 2-D Art Fundamentals
ART 112A 2-D Art Fundamentals I
ART 112B 2-D Art Fundamentals II
ART 113 3-D Art Fundamentals
ART 116 Jewelry/Small Metals I
ART 117 Jewelry/Small Metals II
ART 118 Gallery Design/Mgmt I
ART 119 Gallery Design/Mgmt II
ART 120 Metalsmithing I
ART 129 Materials and Techniques
ART 130 Drawing and Composition I
ART 131 Drawing and Composition II
ART 134 Life Drawing I
ART 135 Life Drawing II
ART 138 Art Critique
ART 140 Painting I
ART 141 Painting II
ART 144 Watercolor I
ART 145 Watercolor II
ART 146 Life Painting I
ART 147 Life Painting II
ART 148 Color Theory
ART 152 Printmaking I
ART 153 Printmaking II
ART 165 Fiber Sculpture I
ART 166 Fiber Sculpture II
ART 170 Ceramics I
ART 171 Ceramics II
ART 175A Primitive Ceramics I
ART 175B Primitive Ceramics II
ART 175C Primitive Ceramics III
ART 175D Primitive Ceramics IV
ART 176A Pottery on the Wheel I
ART 176B Pottery on the Wheel II
ART 180 Sculpture I
ART 181 Sculpture II
ART 185 Life Sculpture I
ART 186 Life Sculpture II
ART 190 B&W Photography I
ART 191 B&W Photography II
ART 192 B&W Photography III
ART 193 Beginning Digital Photography
ART 194 Inter Digital Photography
ART 195 Photography Visual Perception
ART 196 Digital Scanning and Archiving
ART 197 Photo History/Aesthetics
ART 213 Internship for Art Careers
ART 216 Jewelry/Small Metals III
ART 217 Jewelry/Small Metals IV
ART 218 Gallery Design/Mgmt III
ART 219 Gallery Design/Mgmt IV
ART 234 Life Drawing III
ART 235 Life Drawing IV
ART 240 Painting III
ART 241 Painting IV
ART 244 Watercolor III
ART 245 Watercolor IV
ART 246 Life Painting III
ART 247 Life Painting IV
ART 252 Printmaking III
ART 253 Printmaking IV
ART 265 Fiber Sculpture III
ART 266 Fiber Sculpture IV
ART 270 Ceramics III
ART 271 Ceramics IV
ART 276 Advanced Wheel Thrown Ceramics
ART 276A Advanced Wheel Ceramics I
ART 276B Advanced Wheel Ceramics II
ART 280 Sculpture III
ART 281 Sculpture IV
ART 285 Life Sculpture III
ART 286 Life Sculpture IV
ART 290 B&W Photography IV
ASL 101 Elementary Sign Language I
ASL 102 Elementary Sign Language II
ASL 110 History/Deaf People/America
ASL 203 Intermediate Sign Language III
ASL 204 Intermediate Sign Language IV
ASTR 101 Introduction to Astronomy
ASTR 117L Intro to Astronomy Lab
AUTO 100 Career Math/Resumes/Customer
AUTO 110A Intro Automotive Program
AUTO 111A Auto Maintenance Fundamentals
AUTO 111B Auto Maintenance Troubleshoot
AUTO 111C Automotive Maintenance Repair
AUTO 112A Auto Engines Fundamentals
AUTO 112B Auto Engines Troubleshooting
AUTO 112C Automotive Engines Repair
AUTO 113A Spec Electronic Training Fund
AUTO 113B Spec Electronic Training
AUTO 113C Spec Electronic Training
AUTO 114A Auto Engine Performance
AUTO 114B Auto Engine Performance
AUTO 114C Auto Engine Performance
AUTO 116A Automotive Electrical Systems
AUTO 116B Automotive Electrical Systems
AUTO 116C Automotive Electrical Systems
AUTO 118A Brakes/Alignment/Suspension
AUTO 118B Brakes/Alignment/Suspension
AUTO 118C Brakes/Alignment/Suspension
AUTO 139J Electronic Instrument Certif
AUTO 215A Vehicle Service Fundamentals
AUTO 215B Vehicle Service
AUTO 215C Vehicle Service Repair
AUTO 228A Automotive Engine Performance
AUTO 228B Automotive Engine Performance
AUTO 228C Automotive Engine Performance
AUTO 229A Auto Body Electrical Systems
AUTO 229B Auto Body Electrical Systems
AUTO 229C Auto Body Electrical Systems
AUTO 230A Diesel/Altern. Fuel Vehicles
AUTO 230B Diesel/Altern. Fuel Vehicles
AUTO 230C Diesel/Altern. Fuel Vehicles
AUTO 233A Manual Drive Trains and Axles
AUTO 233B Manual Drive Trains and Axles
AUTO 233C Manual Drive Trains and Axles
AUTO 235 Auto Air Conditioning
AUTO 239A B.A.R. Update Training
AUTO 244A Smog Check Inspector
AUTO 250A ASE Exam Prep
AUTO 250B ASE Exam Prep
AUTO 250C ASE Exam Prep
AUTO 260 Elec Instrument Certification
AUTO 292A Electric & Hybrid Design
AUTO 292B Electric & Hybrid Maintenance
AUTO 292C Electric & Hybrid Maintenance